amongst the uncommon



Pipe Hitter

Someone or a group of people who are willing to go to the extreme in order to get things accomplished. Most commonly refers to the US military such as the Delta Force, SEALS, the 75th Ranger Regiment, and Special Forces, but is not limited to that. Someone who will accomplish any task no questions asked is a true pipe hitter.

Dante Terenzio

Head Coach


​With a lifelong tennis career, Dante was awarded the 2X All-American High School Player of the Year, 2X State Champion, 3X Singles 2X doubles USTA National Champion...


Daniel Kraft

Assistant Coach

For more than a decade, full-time fitness professional Dan Kraft has helped clients gain strength, increase aerobic capacity, and enjoy activities without pain. Certified as a Functional Strength Coach, Power Athlete, Level 1 TPI golf trainer (Titleist Performance Institute)...


Brandon Docimo
Assistant Coach

Former Division II student-athlete, with experience both as a player and a coach. Brandon a 3-year starter and captain of the Southern Connecticut Baseball team...

The Coaches

Strength and Conditioning Programming 


Program Design


Personal Training  


Technical Off Court Agility Training


Injury Prevention  

Our programs target the individual needs of each of our athletes. We incorporate years of expertise in workout design, injury prevention, and footwork training to create a stronger, quicker more resilient athlete. 

It begins with a thorough evaluation of body analysis, as well as what we at PH call the 4 pillars of performance - strength, balance, power and mobility. Each 6-8 week phase consists of 3-5 workout days per week. Additionally a variety of testing modalities are used to design each athlete’s specific program and monitor their progress.





D1 All-American 

ITA 2017 #1 Singles & Doubles 

2017 Rookie of the Year 

William Blumburg

University of North Carolina 


D1 All- American

ITA #4 Doubles Ranking 

ITA #8 Singles Ranking 

Anna Rogers

NC State Women's' Tennis


ITF Current #24 In the World 18U

2019 US Open Doubles Champion

University of Texas 

Eliot Spizzirri
University of Texas